What We D0

  • Thana Alexa (Independent)
  • ​​​House of Waters (GroundUP Music/Universal Music Group)
  • Muo Duo ​(Muo Duo Music)
  • Isolde Fair (Isolde Fair Music)
  • Simon Phillips Protocol (Phantom Records)
  • Tiempo Libre (Universal Music Group)
  • ​​The Claudettes (40 Below Records)
  • Mike Stern (Heads Up/Concord Music Group)
  • Ronnie Foster ​(Blue Note Records)
  • Danielle Johnson ​(Danielle Johnson Music, Inc.)
  • Twin Danger (Decca Records/Universal Music Classics)
  • Sexy Dex and The Fresh (Community Records)
  • 691ohthatskay (691 Music, Inc.)
  • Chloe Borthwick (Chloe Bee Music, Inc.)
  • Shane Gamble (Rt. 50 Music)
  • The Pimps Of Joytime (Wonderwheel Recordings)
  • Grant Davis (Capitol Records/Universal Music Group)
  • Nailah Porter (Universal Music Group International)
  • Incognito (Concord Music Group)
  • Sasha Dobson (ObliqSound)
  • Svetlana and The Delancey 5 (Origin Records)
  • Ellis Ashbrook (Space Palace Records)
  • Eilidh McKellar (Eilidh McKellar Ltd.)
  • Tess Henley (Tess Henley Music, Inc.
  • The Bolts (Bolts Broadcasting Company)
  • Justyna Kelley (Justyna Kelley Music, Inc.))


Focusing on Artist Management, Creative Development, and Record Production, Iconique Music Group offers Grammy ™ Award winning expertise in achieving your artistic and career goals.​

Iconique Music Group offers global creative development and marketing strategies for select clientele including: 
Recording Contract Solicitation, International Touring and Logistics, Music Publishing,
Synch Licensing, Brand Development and Sponsorship opportunities.