University Lecture Series

IMG President, Guy Eckstine offers "Life In The Arts" symposiums offering sage advice to students, post college. Eckstine has been a speaker, panelist and moderator at entertainment industry events including, 2015 Cal Arts Alumni Weekend, Digital Hollywood Urban 2012, AMCON 2010, IBS 2009, CMJ 2008, Digital Hollywood 2007, IAJE, Radio and Records Convention, Urban Network Convention, and the Gavin Convention. Eckstine has also been a guest college lecturer at the Clive Davis Dept. of Recorded Music/NYU, the University of Pittsburgh,  and the UCLA Music Business Program.

Services & Solutions

Tour Logistics & Advancing

Many independent and established artists who handle touring affairs on their own can benefit from the assistance of a well-coordinated team to advance their performances. We pay strict adherence to artist technical riders and travel logistics to ensure the artist is relaxed and ready to shine.  This ‘ala carte’ service really comes in handy when your team does not have the infrastructure to handle getting from point A to point B with assuredness.

Demo Submission Policy

Iconique Music Group accepts unsolicited music submissions via: 

Recording & Music Publishing Contract Solicitation

If your needs include shopping your project to a major or indie label we are connected to the right decision making executives giving your music a fair shake with the powers that be.  Whether we manage your career or not, Iconique Music Group offers solicitation services for a retained and commissioned fee. We are at the head of the class in this very difficult climate successfully soliciting artists to recording contracts globally with major and independent labels.

New Media & Music 2.0 Solutions

In the digital music era it has become incumbent upon artists to really take hold of their career in a d.i.y. manner.  This often leaves the artist wearing many hats and as a result they don’t have as much focus on their prime concern—music. At Iconique Music Group we are acknowledged pioneers in ‘Music 2.0’ having worked as senior executives at the groundbreaking original digital music service provider, With the advent of multiple social media platforms, Iconique Music Group creates globally integrated results driven and quantifiable metrics.  We can effectively guide the artist through the vast morass of cyberspace together with our strategic partners on the cutting edge of the digital music revolution.

A&R/Creative Development

Record Production

Whether you are an established act looking to find your groove, or a developing artist looking for creative guidance, A&R, or record production services, Iconique Music Group implements a plan that suits your needs.  We are equally at home working with Grammy winning artists, indie rockers, or your talented offspring who are looking to shoot for the stars.  We offer very flexible and realistic rates depending on your budget and production concept. 

Artist Management

Iconique Music Group offers artist management services in all music genres.  We take established and developing major label and independent artists guiding their careers with a long-term approach in mind.  Our reputation as a management company is impeccable with years of experience in the contemporary music business.  Whether servicing a national tour, global music festival, or securing branding, licensing and marketing opportunities, we cover it all with expertise. We coordinate all efforts on behalf of our artists working with record labels, presenters, booking agents, publicity/press, advertising agencies, radio, tour advancing, overall logistics providing end-to end solutions.